About us

The idea of ​​the start Up “WIN” was born in June 2014 by a single person: Jesus De La Cruz, one of the first, forerunners of global trends in Peru, began his economic activities in the city of Trujillo in a renowned company automotive diesel engine assembler for 18 years specializing in technical engineering of vehicular, agricultural, marine, industrial, generator sets.
The 2002 took advantage of the recent arrival of Internet to Peru so that with a cell phone and an email I create “SERTEC DIESEL” and “SICOVIN GROUP”. The first company had an important acceptance in mining, oil, industrial and marine companies.
The second company linked to software development created it because he had neglected the supervision of his son’s school-age studies. That led him to create in 2004 the first educational software where the parent could have supervision of the studies of his son from his cell phone (there was no Smartphone).
All this led him to win the first prize for business creativity organized by PROMPYME EL YEAR 2006; for having created two companies with only one cell phone and one email.
In 2007, he began his career as a Networker studying leadership, personal development, financial education, Neuromarketing, NLP, experimenting and knowing how Network Marketing works in several MLM companies.
In June 2014, after leading a network of more than 85,000 people, he decided to venture into Network Marketing. This new experience with falls, stumbles, ridicule, could not but his perseverance and constant analysis of how the world moves to get there first.
In March 2018 WIN, the world’s first Network taxi is accepted massively and in just 5 months, thousands of people united have managed to transcend the world.